DragonMint T1 Miner (September)


The DragonMint T1 is the worlds most efficient Bitcoin miner, operating at 16TH with AsicBoost technology inside for greater power efficiency.

At the wall power consumption of with DragonMint 1600W PSU and dual fans 1480W @ 240V at ambient temperature 25°C. Variation of ±8% is expected.
PSU included with free shipping.

Shipping: September 24-30
Demonstration video (Youtube): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftA_q4arSPY

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Shipping: September 24-30
Type: SHA256
Hash power: 16TH
Network: Ethernet port
Fans: dual fan 9 blade variable 4560rpm (equivalent to 6k rpm) (100W)
PSU included with free shipping.

Some variation will exist from machine to machine.